Joel Barnum
P.O. Box 461
Marion, IA 52302
(319) 362-3906


Highly skilled software developer, instructional designer, trainer and writer with over 15 years experience. Fluent in C, C++, Java and Perl. Extensive programming experience with JavaServer Pages (JSP), Java Servlets, Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), IBM Rational Application Developer, XML, XSLT, XSL-FO, XMLSchema, WAP/WML, Windows, Windows CE, OS/2 and CORBA. Familiar with SQL, HTML, C# and the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Work Experience:

President, Descriptor Systems, August 1984 - Present. Descriptor Systems provides contract programming, courseware development and presents training seminars for programmers.

Have written over a dozen courseware projects for IBM Education and Training, including XML Architectures, Java Foundation Classes Programming, IBM Component Broker Programming, IBM C++ OpenClass Programming, SOM/DSOM Programming and OS/2 Presentation Manager Programming.

Have authored courseware for licensing on topics including Java Servlet Programming, JavaServer Pages (JSP) Programming, Enterprise JavaBeans Programming. These courses are currently licensed by Protech Professional Training Services and other clients.

Have taught using third-party courseware for many topics, including XML Fundamentals, XML Programming, XSLT Programming and the Microsoft Foundation Classes.

Have taught over 500 week-long programming workshops at IBM Corporation, Fireman's Fund Insurance, the Johnson Space Center, AlliedSignal, Hallmark Cards, USX, MCI/Worldcom, Qwest and many other companies.

Have designed and coded (in Java), an XML-based course-development system for the delivery of self-paced training programming courses. This programming project consisted of over 150 source files and over 12,000 lines of code.

Have designed and coded (in C++), a course-development system for delivery of self-paced training programming courses. This programming project consisted of over 150 source files and nearly 100 C++ object classes. The CBT system has been well tested by thousands of users with no significant problems reported.

Technical Marketing Specialist, GRiD Systems Corporation, Mountain View, CA. Sept. 1983 - April 1984. Wrote custom versions of GRiD software using PASCAL. Provided customer support for programming assistance on the GRiD portable computer for both MS-DOS and GRiD-OS.

Training Specialist, Intel Corporation, Santa Clara, CA. Jan. 1982 - Sept. 1983. Trained Intel's customers and employees on Intel microprocessor hardware and software products including: 8085, 8086, 80286 assembly language, PL/M programming, and iRMX86 and iRMX286 operating systems. Was course manager for the 8085 and iRMX workshops.




OS/2 Warp Presentation Manager API, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1995.

Windows 32-bit API Programming, Miller-Freeman, Inc. 1997. This is a CD-ROM computer-based training program.

Windows CE Programming, Miller Freeman, Inc. 1998. Another CD-ROM computer-based training program.


Dr. Dobb's Journal, April 1993. Programming for the OS/2 2.0 Workplace Shell

Byte, IBM Special Edition, 1987. 286/386 Protected Mode Programming  



University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA. Have completed approximately one half of the requirements for a Masters of Business Administration degree, emphasizing marketing.

University of Santa Clara, Santa Clara, CA. Completed about one-third of the requirements for a Masters of Business Administration degree. Credits transferred to Iowa.

University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA. BSEE (Electrical and Computer Engineering) in December 1981. Course work concentrated on microprocessors.